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Here you can download some programs, which are offered by me in the MS-Store, also directly.
What is the advantage:
The MS Store was originally designed exclusively for the distribution of UWP programs.
Since these Universal Windows programs were to be used primarily on mobile devices, numerous security features and a limitation of the working memory were built in. Unfortunately, the latter limitation is also present in the MSIX apps that have been possible for some time!
These measures, which certainly make sense for mobile apps, however hinder the use as a full-fledged PC desktop program!
MS checks all programs published in the store for possible malware and also takes over the digital signature of the apps published there!
Otherwise, the digital signing of the software in question must be carried out by the developer himself. Unfortunately, the officially available certificates suitable for this are very expensive and must also be updated annually, so this is only feasible for companies with larger turnovers!
Moreover, such a signature only guarantees the identity of the source, not freedom from malware!

However, you have the same security with a self-created certificate [with the same encryption technology], if the source is trustworthy!
The identity of this site and therefore the certificate is guaranteed by:
* the domain 'ht-mm.de' is officially registered at DENIC!
* 'ht-mm.de' is hosted at STRATO, is accessed via HTTPS and has an official SSL certificate!
* 'ht-mm.de' is also accessible by direct links from the MS-Store!
* all programs offered here are listed and available under the same identity in the MS-Store!

If you want to use this download page and the current certificate of HT-MM is not yet on your PC, please install it according to these INSTRUCTIONS

The easiest way is directly from the respective store app, see the help file of this app!
Otherwise via the following links.
Do not open the file directly on the hard disk, but first copy it to a USB stick [no USB hard disk] or download it directly there!
Opening from a removable disk tells Windows that you really want this and it is not an automated download [otherwise prevention by 'smart screen filter']!
After unzipping follow the explanations of the 'read-me.txt'!
DSS-4K (dynamic-slideshow)    DSS-4K.zip
Same UWP app of the store, with the ability to send the key combination 'ALT'+'F9' to the system to start and stop an external screen recording tool!
EDPE (easy-direct-photo-editor)    EDPE.zip
In contrast to the Store app [max. 20MP], this variant can also edit current photos with over 100MP!
HEIC (heic-easy-converter)    HEIC.zip
For HEIC/HEIF photos with larger resolutions!
GetFonts    GetFonts.zip
The fonts used in DSS-4K can be set with this tool!